In addition the center recognizes that school districts, businesses and other agencies with a homogeneous population will also benefit from educational diversity training offered by the center.  The center is developed to assist Kentucky and Ohio p-12 schools and post-secondary education institutions with diverse curriculum development, diverse student and parent conflict resolution, strategies to increase diverse parent involvement, strategies to communicate with communities of color strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff and administrators, suggestions for creating diversity programs.  


About the Bowles Center focuses on Workforce Readiness, College Readiness and Early Childhood Education. Additionally, the Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, Inc. was created recognizing that the important role educational institutions play in preparing all students to be successful at school and more importantly preparing students to improve interpersonal relationships before graduating and entering the workforce.


The center will also partner with businesses and corporations and local and state governments in the tri-state area to ensure that school districts are preparing students to learn effective communication and social skills which will ensure success in diverse communities and work environments.  

The Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, Inc. was formed in 2005 as result of recognizing the absence of a formal resource center in Kentucky and Southwest to assist educational institutions in meeting the challenges of creating an environment and meeting the needs of an ever increasingly diverse, student, teacher, and administrative population in Kentucky and Ohio.  


"Where Our People Means All People"

The mission of the Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, Inc. is to partner and collaborate with school districts and post-secondary education institutions to assist with enhancing student academic achievement and standards, close achievement gaps and enhance diversity in education.

Vision Statement

The Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, Inc. works with educational professionals in preparing P-12 schools, colleges and universities to learn diverse strategies and techniques to broaden their world view through educational diversity awareness and training, which will foster a better appreciation for all people.







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